09/23/2022: Money Matters In The Classroom


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This was a wonderful and insightful show this month featuring a long-time partner of Seneca Savings, EverFi. Kassie Soulis of EverFi works as an advocate on behalf of students, teachers, and Seneca Savings to bring financial literacy into the classroom. While financial literacy in schools is not required by New York State (yet), as some other states require, many schools opt into the program to begin to teach students how to better manage their money and prepare for the journey ahead. K-12 students have access to free tools and learning modules learning everything from how to budget, how to open a savings account, what’s a credit card, a mortgage, how to manage their cash flow and their credit score. “It’s a vital component to helping our students get off on the right foot,” says Senior VP of Retail Banking at Seneca Savings, Laurie Ucher. “Often parents have a tough time with many of these aspects because they were never taught. So the cycle continues of kids not really understanding how to create a positive relationship with their money and how to prosper financially in life. These programs we’re a part of help break that cycle and help to forge a new path for the students.”