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Small business owners need more support than ever to navigate the ups and downs of the marketplace today.

Giving you a sense of certainty in uncertain times is valuable. And it’s at the heart of all we do for you here at Seneca Savings. Many banks offer similar types of commercial loans. What makes your experience with us different, is our people. It’s an honor to have some of the finest commercial lending leaders in the business right here at our local bank branches. They’re at the ready – to walk beside you through thick and thin and help put you in the best possible position to grow and support your business. As you listen to our true stories from hardworking business owners from across the state and right here in our own backyard, see us through their eyes until we have the opportunity to meet you and learn more about what your greatest opportunities, and challenges are. Read our onlne reviews. Let’s talk.

You can count on local decisions at a local bank, with big bank technology. Many business owners take advantage of the convenience of also doing their personal banking with us. Get Seneca savvy with a committed and focused team to help you get from here… to there. 

Business Loans

Commercial Term Loan

For equipment, fixed assets, or permanent working capital, ask us about commercial term loans tailored to your needs with repayment terms up to 5 years.


Commercial Mortgage Loan

Seneca Savings can help you manage finances for property acquisition or to refinance existing debt. With long and short term options and attractive variable rate financing, we’ve got you covered.


Commercial Mortgage Access Line of Credit

This line of credit is secured by real estate. Seneca Savings offers low monthly payments, variables rates, and this line of credit is not required to adhere to a 30-day clean out requirement.


Working Capital Line of Credit

A flexible solution for your short-term borrowing needs. Alleviate cash flow shortages, finance receivables, purchase inventory—use it as you need. Your credit limit can be accessed throughout the life of the line.


Commercial Access Line of Credit

Like the Commercial Mortgage line, we commit to low monthly payments, variable rates, and you don’t need a 30-day cleanout. The difference is that you don’t have to secure it with real estate.


Equipment Lines of Credit

If you set an available dollar amount for equipment purchases, you can rest assured that funds will always be available up to that amount. Loan terms are available for up to 60 months.


Overdraft Line of Credit

Even when you plan ahead, checking overdrafts can happen. Through Seneca Savings, your Overdraft Line of Credit automatically covers your debits, purchases and checks up to your available limit. It’s convenient protection against the unexpected.


Construction Financing

When planning property renovations or construction, consider financing options through Seneca Savings. We offer flexible solutions, including interest-only financing options through the construction period.




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Your Business Loan Experts

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To learn more about a business loan, call our office today at 315-638-0233. Let’s have a conversation. We’re here for you… for life’s journeys!