Fee Schedule

Note: NSF fees assessed whether item is paid or returned.$30.00

Account Research
 Account reconciliation (per hour) $25.00
Photocopy paid check $5.00
Copy of account statement $5.00
Copy of transactional data (deposit/withdrawal slip, etc.) per page $5.00
Account history (per page) $2.00
Photocopying (per copy) $1.00
Faxing (per page) $1.00
Medicaid Research
60 months of statements No charge
Copy of transactional data
(deposit/withdrawal slip, etc.) per page
Wire Transfers
Wire transfer in $20.00
Wire transfer out $25.00
Uncollected/Insufficient Funds
Per debit item presented against Insufficient funds (NSF) $30.00
Per debit item presented against Uncollected funds (NSF) $30.00
NSF fees assessed whether item is paid or returned
Returned deposited item $10.00
Safe Deposit Box Keys
1 lost key $25.00
2 lost keys $125.00
ATM and Debit Cards
Foreign ATM Withdrawal $2.00
Foreign ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00
Check Card Replacement (each) $5.00
Proprietary ATM no charge
Negotiable Instrument Purchase
Official checks (customer) $1.50
Money Orders (Sr. Citizen 60+) $1.00
Money Order (customer) $2.00
Misc. Check Items
Counter Check $1.00
Check Protest $25.00
Collection Items $15.00
Deposit Foreign Check $20.00
Stop Payment $20.00
Abandoned/Closed/Inactive Account
Inactive checking acct. fee
(per month-inactive 12 months/bal. less than $200.00)
Account Closed within 1 year $20.00
Abandoned Property (per acct.) $30.00
Misc. Fee’s
Phone Payment Convenience Fee $5.00
Night Depository Key (per key) $5.00
Notary Public $2.00
Legal Process $100.00
Extended Overdrawn Balance Fee
$5.00 per day when account is overdrawn for 5 or more consecutive days

Safe Deposit Box rentals available at the Baldwinsville and North Syracuse Offices – call (315) 638-0233 for pricing.