Switch It UP!

clickswitch banking service with seneca savings

Switching to Seneca Savings has never been easier!

We know it’s a hassle to switch banks.

Manually transferring all of your automatic payments and direct deposits can be a pain. That’s why we introduced ClickSwitch.

When you switch to Seneca Savings, all of your automatic payments and direct deposits will be taken care of for you automatically in as little as 10 minutes. That way, you don’t have to waste time doing it all yourself.

Now you don’t have to keep putting up with bad service at your current bank – switch to Seneca with ClickSwitch.

How ClickSwitch works:

  1. Get an access code – give us a call to get started and get your ClickSwitch access code
  2. Login to ClickSwitch – use the portal to identify all of your direct deposits and recurring payments to initiate the transfer
  3. Done! – you’ll receive real-time notifications as your transfer is being completed



Have your ClickSwitch Access Code?

Click here to access the ClickSwitch portal.