09/27/2021: TransferNow: Simple, Easy, Fast!

transfernow online digital banking innovation with seneca savings

Your online journey with Seneca Savings just took its’ next step with the all NEW TRANSFERNOW!

TransferNow(R)  is an addition to our online banking program that allows RETAIL Banking users to send and receive funds from their own external accounts (is not for business banking customers).
TransferNow also allows retail banking customers to make loan payments through our online banking site from their external accounts.

Where to locate TransferNow

· TransferNow is located on the browser and in the app under the ‘transfers’ button. There will be a yellow button that says, “launch external transfer.” Click Here to learn more.
Also, here is the actual URL if you wish to copy and paste in your browser:  https://www.senecasavings.com/online-banking/
You’re going to continue to see advancements in technology for both our branches and all of our online services. Your experience, ease of use, access, and real-time, five star customer service is at the forefront of our every day actions and commitment to be there for you… wherever you’re at in your banking journey.
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