05/01/2023: The JOURNEY Podcast NEW Episode with Local 93Q Morning Show Co-Host, Amy Robbins

the journey podcast with amy robbins of 93Q and Seneca Savings

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The latest episode of Seneca Savings’ podcast, “The JOURNEY,” is now available!
Local 93Q Morning Show Co-Host, Amy Robbins talks about her financial journey with our very own Sr VP of Retail Banking, Laurie Ucher. The topic? Family and Financial Emergency Planning… taking the wheel and steering your own course when it comes to money mindset and your finances at home. Getting more certain in an uncertain world… we’re talkin’ truth on The Journey podcast. Available starting today wherever you download your podcasts – or just click this link to take you there right now!
Listen to all The JOURNEY episodes (Spotify Link) for great tips, tools and resources on how to prosper your money mindset, and your finances in business and at home.