12/16/2021: “The Internet Exchange Zone” a great service for one of our communities from the Village of North Syracuse Police

seneca savings online securityEspecially at this time of year scams are at their highest

Don’t be a victim AND always err on the side of caution no matter what you’re doing.
1. Always check the URL to make sure the site is legitimate and secure.
2. Never click on unfamiliar or unexpected links. If a company you’ve never done business with emails you a link or an attachment, don’t open it. Even for companies you know, it’s safer to browse directly to their website rather than following a link in email, as a scammer may send you a legitimate-looking fake link.
3. When buying items online, always get a tracking number to confirm shipment and follow the delivery process.
4. Never wire money to a seller.
5. Avoid paying for items with pre-paid gift cards.
6. Use a credit card when shopping online and check your statement regularly. If you see a suspicious transaction, contact your credit card company to dispute the charge.

If you find yourself in a possible scam situation, remember:

  • Contact Your Banks and Credit Card Companies
  • Reach Out to the Credit Bureaus
  • Submit a Complaint to the Federal Trade Commission
  • File a Police Report
  • Monitor Your Credit
  • And if you arrange with a seller or buyer for an item bought online utilize the safe space provided by the Village of North Syracuse Police and their Internet Exchange Zone. You can find these safe spaces in front of their Headquarters Building at 600 South Bay Road, N. Syracuse.
>The Internet Exchange Zone also provides an emergency telephone for folks to call if needed. The area is under constant recorded surveillance by video cameras.
Such a great service for our Community! Remember, we’re here for ALL of life’s journeys.