01/03/2014: Safe and Easy Online Banking

As we enter this New Year, we still need to be alert and take precautionary measures to prevent hackers from possibly harvesting personal information as well as breaking into our online accounts. With this in mind we would like to point out that one of the most effective and easiest ways to transact your online business is to acquire a copy of a Linux LiveCD. These are easy to download and use to boot your PC into a Linux environment while you complete your transactions online. After you are done, remove the CD, reboot and continue with normal browsing and less sensitive activity.

There are many sources for these CD’s.  One of the best distros we know about is Puppy Linux. It works across a very wide base of computers, is small and very easy to install and use.  Also a great idea would be to dedicate an older PC that you might be getting rid of because it is getting slow or not as usable as you would like for todays computing needs and load a copy of Puppy Linux on it. You can get complete information at: PuppyLinux.org

We highly recommend that as a conscientious end-user you protect your credibility and investments by taking proper precautions on the internet. There are new variations of very dangerous malware being produced every day.

We are always here to help you and offer advise, feel free to contact us should you desire to know more. You can contact our IT department and we can even provide you with a free copy of Puppy Linux.