04/15/2023: Providing Joy, Happiness and Fun with Endeavor Entertainment

Enjoy this True Story from Seneca Savings customer, Virgil Dombrowski of Endeavor Entertainment:

“I always wanted to make sure that I was doing things to make people proud, to make my parents proud… to just be a decent human being. Some people pick on me about it, but in everything I do, I don’t do anything halfway. It’s full bore all the way… a thousand miles an hour!”


Virgil Dombrowski walks the journey of an Entrepreneur every day. With multiple businesses under his belt as he looks to what’s next, Seneca Savings is honored to support his journey and endeavors!

Excerpt from the Article:

Excited About the Future

At Virgilio’s Event Centre in Fulton, they do weddings, clambakes, company picnics, private parties. Prior to Covid, they were doing all the food, the bar, room decor, everything. Now they’re just using the space as a rental space for people’s parties and events. Celebrating its’ 20th year in March, Endeavor Entertainment continues to grow. Having fun in everything they do, building on what they have… that’s what 2023 and beyond is all about for Virgil.

Virgil met Sr. VP of Retail Banking, Laurie Ucher, a long time ago. When Virgil was seeking a refinance in Fulton to do another big addition, he reached out to Laurie. They were able to build huge ‘get ready’ lounges for brides and grooms to have their own secure room space. They put on a 4,000 square foot patio off the back and outbuildings for storage. Virgil states “Laurie’s been great to work with. Anything I ever need, she’s on it. It’s not just nine to five ‘banker hours.’ She’ll text me with whatever I need, whenever I need it. A local person, local business, local bank, keeping everything local. You’re greeted with a smile. The personal connection’s absolutely there. We’re looking for Seneca Savings to help us grow our ice cream truck business in the future. The same way I feel about making people happy at events… Seneca Savings does the same for you and your business. There are a lot of nuances to it. There are a lot of things that a bigger bank is not going to look at and take into consideration. The local, hometown people know you and know your business. They will take those things into consideration and do their best to help you. Whereas a big bank’s going to look at you like you’re just a number.”

Read Virgil’s full story in the Spring 2023 edition of JOURNEYS to learn more about what inspires him and his vision for the future.