05/18/2022: President’s Message

President’s MessageJoseph Vitale, Seneca Savings

(full Q1 2022 Quarterly Report available here)

Last year proved to be a landmark year for our nearly century old community bank. So as we move boldly into the second quarter of 2022 and beyond we also are mindful of how far we’ve come and where we still need and want to go.

If there’s a mantra that’s continuing throughout 2022 it is centered around change. The flexibility and adaptability necessary in today’s world continues to be at the forefront of our minds. Whether you’re a local business owner, non-profit leader, schoolteacher, minister, or banker… we’re all feeling the complexities of our world increase and impact our lives, and our wallets. At the gas pump, in the grocery line, as people who live and work and share your community with you, we experience all of that along with each of you. It can be difficult, and certainly confusing.

After a century of walking this path with our community, while we don’t have a crystal ball, we are moving forward assured in who we are — and who you are; that together, we can weather anything. We’re ready, as we’ve always been, to lock arms with you and to move forward with conviction, empathy, and trust. Here’s the certainty I can offer you: We’re continuing to invest in products, services, and talented people that are designed to navigate the path ahead of us. We have our eye on the ball and we’re with you every step of the way.


Customer & Employee Satisfaction

As a community bank, our employees are at the heart of all we do. Teamwork is everything. That teamwork results in our customers feeling paid attention to and guided for their financial well-being. If you’ve not had the opportunity to share your customer experience with us directly, or online, we encourage you to do so. Word of mouth matters more than ever. We also always want to be learning and growing, getting better. So we look forward to your vital feedback and welcome it!



April was Financial Literacy Month and Seneca Savings continues its’ education and advocacy for consumers utilizing new technologies including our Virtual Coach Lea (artificial intelligence bot that provides insight and resources from our partner GreenPath Financial), Credit Sense, our continued student / school programs through EverFi, and Seneca Savings University. The month of April culminated with our free Budgeting For Prosperity Webinar offered virtually for current and new customers alike. All tools, worksheets, videos were then made available on our website and social media channels.


True Customer Stories

January 2022 saw the launch of our new, local business-focused publication JOURNEYS. It’s designed to shine a light on the pioneers and leaders across the communities we serve, while providing added, insightful articles on everything from Merchant Services and Seneca Savings Insurance, to Mortgages, as well as a special feature on our investment arm, Financial Quest. If you’re concerned about your retirement, what to do next with your investments, I encourage you to consider a coffee and a second opinion with our Financial Quest team. You can contact them and request to set up that time virtually or in person by visiting InvestSeneca.com.

We appreciate and are thankful for this community, our shareholders, and our customers. Seneca Savings is a community bank. That means community is at the heart of our ‘Why.’ There are so many things to continue to be grateful for during these challenging times. Sometimes the actions that create the most impact come from the simplest of questions. Everything we do requires us to ask the question “How does this improve our community?” It is this simple, yet powerful question, that helps guide us in knowing we’re doing the right thing, and why we’re doing it.


It’s our promise, it’s my promise: We’re with you… for life’s journeys.


Sincerely, Joseph Vitale


President, CEO and Director