01/23/2022: Giving Back To Our Community in 2021

As a local bank we’re compelled to give back to our community, not just because we’re designated as a community bank – but because it’s who we are at our very core. Each step we take as a team, and as dedicated individuals is done because we believe in the journey we’re on with you.

Over thirty-one organizations with over 530 hours of volunteer time were dedicated to walking that journey. It’s our ambition to continue to see that number grow. We’re truly proud of the work we do as a bank, online, in our branches. But our proudest moment of 2021 was seeing this collective achievement which represents who we are, what we’re here for, and why we do what we do, every day. Thank You to all of the tireless work so many volunteers, leaders, parents, students, do in these different organizations. When we work together, we truly can make the biggest difference of all.


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