03/07/2023: Fraud & Account Security: What To Look For & What To Do Next

seneca savings account securityProtecting Yourself From Fraud

Here are important reminders:

Seneca Savings will never contact you asking for your personal information. Please do not share information such as your username, passwords, pin numbers, etc., with anyone, at any time.


Be careful of unsolicited emails or text messages. If someone contacts you using email or test claiming to be someone from Seneca Savings or any other lenders or institutions that you have any kind of account, retail or otherwise with, hang up. Contact Seneca Savings or that company the message claimed to come from. You can call our main office at 315-638-0233.

  • Avoid clicking links from companies that look unfamiliar or suspicious in any way.
  • Typos, incorrect information, URGENT MATTER language are all potential signs that you’re dealing with someone fraudulent.
  • Strong passwords that are updated frequently can help towards your account security.
  • Avoid ‘public’ free WiFi unless you have VPN to protect your online search, identity, accounts.

Here’s another example of a scam via PayPal that we covered previously you may wish to read about if you utilize pay transfer services like that.

If in doubt, ask first. Do not open or click on emails, texts, or provide private information to a caller that states they’re from your bank. Call your bank immediately. If you believe you may have been targeted by someone fraudulent, please contact us right away. Acting quickly is your best pathway to preventing or minimizing any damage.



example of fraud scam email presented by seneca savings















Example above of an ‘URGENT MATTER’ email with a strange UK-based email that has nothing to do with Microsoft – and sent ‘with high importance’. This is a total scam to access your password once you change it. Look for inconsistencies in the sender info, the copyright info, etc.




There are new tools and resources always being developed and used by Seneca Savings. A new and upcoming service specifically for business owners is Positive Pay (TM).

*Positive Pay is a fraud mitigation service that provides early detection of fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks through a daily verification of checks and ACH’s presented for payment against your check register. It provides business owners with:

  • Fraud control and prevention
  • May cover paper checks and electronic transactions
  • Eliminates the need to close affected accounts and open new ones
  • Control and decreases chance of losses

Please ask us about how to implement extra protections and utilize the resources we have available to work with you on this journey towards safety for you, your business, your family. As always, we’re with you… for life’s journeys.