08/27/2017: Fiserv Notification

Fiserv will be discontinuing support for Android’s KitKat OS version on January 1, 2018. Fiserv is constantly tracking the usage of device operating system (OS) versions, including how Fiserv apps can take advantage of new features, hardware capabilities, and security improvements.

Fiserv’s criteria for supporting older versions of Android are a combination of the following factors:

  • Market Share – Are there enough banking users on this version?
  • Security – Is there a security vulnerability that would compromise a user’s security if we support this version?
  • Viability – Is it technically feasible and economical to support?
  • Platform support – Is it supported by Google?
Expected Changes
  • Based on the factors above, Fiserv has decided to upgrade the lowest supported version from V 4.4 to V 5.0 for Mobiliti™ on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Beginning January 1, 2018, Fiserv support teams will no longer remediate any issues that are reported on KitKat, including critical issues.
  • If issues are encountered, Mobiliti users should be advised to upgrade their OS version to Lollipop (V 5.0) or higher. Please note that V 5.0 will be the new minimum supported Android version.
Impact to Mobiliti Mobile Banking Users on KitKat
  • There is no immediate effect on your mobile banking users on the KitKat OS versions.
  • Fiserv’s Mobiliti apps will continue to function normally.
  • New users will still be able to download and install apps if they have the KitKat OS on their device(s).
  • Existing users on KitKat will be able to continue using the app, even after the January 1, 2018, date.