04/10/2023: “Family Emergency Planning” FREE ONLINE WEBINAR 4/28 3PM

family emergency planning free financial literacy webinar seneca savingsGet Seneca Savvy! Live more certain in uncertain times and feel prepared for anything that comes your way…

Register for this FREE Online Webinar offered by Seneca Savings.

In the free online 4/28 Workshop “Family Emergency Planning”

participants learn:

  • – How to understand what a financial emergency is
  • – How to prepare for it
  • – And the importance of having an emergency savings plan

Participants will also learn about:

  • – Tools and resources to develop and implement an emergency savings strategy
  • – How to develop skills to protect themselves during times of financial emergency or uncertainty

The webinar is hosted by Seneca Savings’ Senior VP of Retail Banking, Laurie Ucher and moderated by Angela Moonan.

There are helpful, downloadable worksheet assessments that you and your family can use to best guide you on your journey towards being prepared, and getting more certain in uncertain times. The webinar will be easy to understand and follow, with lighthearted true stories mixed in for getting Seneca Savvy!

For 95 Years, Seneca Savings has been with you, for life’s journeys.


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Download the 4/28/23 Webinar Participant Guide: SENECASAVINGS Preparing For a Financial Emergency Participant Guide_ENG

Download these (4) FREE ASSESSMENT (Pre & Post) WORKSHEETS for 4/28/23 Webinar to benchmark where you are now versus what you learn doing the session:

Preparing for a Financial Emergency_PreAssessment

Preparing for a Financial Emergency_PreAssessment_Key_ENG

Preparing for a Financial Emergency PostAssessment_ENG

Preparing for a Financial Emergency PostAssessment_Key_ENG