Card Valet

Card Valet


The Free CardValet mobile app lets you control and protect your debit card usage and spending–whenever.

• Conveniently turn your debit card off and on

• Place dollar amount limits, merchant categories and dollar amount limits you set

• Be alerted if your debit card is used, approved or exceeds transaction limits you set

• Be alerted to potential fraud including alerts on attempted, declined transactions

• Get real-time balances for your accounts

+ Keep Spending Under Control

Trying to establish or adhere to a budget?
Let CardValet assist you by:

  • Allowing you to set spending limits for general use
  • Allowing you to specify thresholds by merchant types
  • Establishing set controls by location

What’s more, CardValet is flexible enough that you can change the limits you set anywhere, anytime via your mobile device. So whether you’re headed out for some school shopping, picking up holiday necessities, or taking a relaxing vacation, you can easily update your controls to reflect your spending needs.

+ Be Protected from Fraud

Lost or stolen debit cards can cause concern, especially nowadays when identity fraud, skimming and other attacks are unfortunately a reality. Having the ability to turn off your debit card when not in use can help you keep safe from fraud. Having your card turned off at designated times means that no withdrawals or purchases will be approved. And, specifying specific merchants or locations adds another layer of protection. Plus, you’ll be alerted when your card is used or declined.

+ Control Business Spending

Want to be able to control business spending? CardValet is a great choice for setting transaction controls, which help ensure employee spending adheres to your company policies.

+ Review Your Card at a Glance

With CardValet, you can easily review balances and transactions in real time from your device, using the mobile app.


Get CardValet Today!

Find out more about the convenience and advanced features of CardValet at our Liverpool, Baldwinsville or North Syracuse locations. Then, download the app for your Apple iOS or Google Android device.