04/29/2022: Budgeting For Prosperity: “Making Budgets Work” WEBINAR

Local banking and finance experts from the Seneca Savings and Financial Quest Teams share their insight, tips, and tools for establishing a budget for your family or your business. Money Mindset matters… from the simplest ‘money in – money out’ framework to the ’50/30/20′ rule – with helpful worksheets and easy steps to begin TODAY, your local team at Seneca Savings shows us how anyone can begin and it’s never too late.

Find the helpful worksheets mentioned above by visiting “SSU” or Seneca Savings University on the Seneca Savings website or clicking on this link below.

WORKSHEETS https://www.senecasavings.com/video-tutorials/

Planning for retirement is at the forefront of so many people’s minds and in today’s up and down world of the market and greater pressures than ever, as people shift their careers or leave the job world altogether… Financial Quest’s Greg Boshart, an LPL Financial Advisor, takes a few minutes to explain the Rules of Thumb when it comes to your financial planning and getting started on that journey towards retirement.