04/26/2022: Beware of New Online Threat, Cyber Attacks through PayPal Scam

paypal scam cyber threat seneca savings blog postThere’s a new PayPal Scam To Be Aware Of

You can never be too careful about the safety and security of your online identity and all accounts, including now, your PayPal account. There’s yet another new threat you should be aware of where scammers are attacking people through PayPal. Some banks have noted that as many as 50 *prenotes have come through from PayPal on users accounts.

*A prenote is a zero dollar test to verify a user’s bank account information.

PCRisk reported earlier this year there was an increase in phishing targeting consumers to collect their PayPal credentials. The timing is right for fraudsters who have harvested credentials to start using them for fraud.

Text phishing is also high and being used to collect consumer identities to open new fraudulent PayPal accounts.

Be Vigilant

Please always err on the side of EXTRA caution these days… and never, EVER provide your sensitive personal and financial data to anyone who emails you asking for such information. Seneca Savings will NEVER send you and email asking for this information so please be advised. Stay vigilant and check your accounts for any unusual activity. If you have a PayPal account we would also recommend updating your password as an extra measure of security.

If you see any suspicious activity in your account please contact us immediately at 315-638-0233.