02/15/2023: Available! The Journey Podcast:”Millennial Money Mindset”

Seneca Savings Laurie Ucher discusses millennial money mindset on bank podcast

The Journey EPISODE #5 “Millennial Money Mindset”

Quick stories and tips for budgeting for those big decisions in life. Joined by host Angela Moonan, Laurie Ucher and Bianca Sackett of Seneca Savings. This podcast episode shares helpful guidance on ways to approach your ‘big spends.’ Whether it’s a mortgage for a first home, a new automobile loan, or even your wedding… so you can feel more empowered every step of your journey!

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Listen to other episodes of The Journey as well, so you can walk the path of prosperity. All while leveling up your relationship with money for a healthy money mindset for you, your business, your family. We’re with you, for life’s journeys.

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