12/30/2021: New Financial Journey for Central New York

seneca savings university adult financial literacy videos

Welcome to Seneca Savings University and Your Financial Journey

How’s your financial journey? You may know us for K-12 Financial Education in several area schools… now we’re thrilled to bring ADULT financial education resources and better money management to all of the communities we serve!

Through our partnership with Ever-Fi, we’ve impacted hundreds of students and teachers over the last several years. Helping them better understand their financial journey has been incredibly rewarding and we believe, will impact their long-term financial prosperity. As we continue to expand our footprint to more and more schools, we’ve also discovered a need for adults across our community to have access to relevant tools and resources for their own financial journey!


Seneca Savings University “SSU”financial education for adults at seneca savings

Paying bills and worrying about building a savings at the same time may not always be the easiest things to manage. You can count on your team at Seneca Savings to build a stronger bridge to your financial future. Step-by-step, the financial decisions you make today have a long-term impact on your life, and your children’s lives.


Here’s Senior VP of Retail Banking, Laurie Ucher to share some initial tips on walking and working towards financial freedom for you and your family.

It’s never too late to learn! Each short, interactive learning experience will prepare you with the right skills to strengthen your money muscles! And help you build an even stronger money model for your kids. All it takes, is the first step…