Home Equity Line Of Credit

CaptureSeneca Savings Is Now Offering Home Equity Lines Of Credit

The Home Equity Line of Credit will be priced at Prime plus ZERO, currently 3.25%. This rate is variable for the entirety of the 15-year loan. Customer will be billed 1/180th of the principal balance plus interest monthly.  No annual fee.

The Maximum APR is 15%

Customers are able to only use what they need, and pay interest on just the outstanding balance.

The closing costs (fees) are waived for lines up to $50,000 if line is maintained for three years. Closing costs over the $50,000 will be prorated.

On a 15 Yr. HELOC for $50,000 with an interest rate of 3.25% (3.25% APR) the principal and interest payment would be $351.33


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